London terror suspect has family in Noord-Brabant

Parsons Green tube station in London
Parsons Green tube station in LondonPhoto: Philafrenzy / Wikimedia Commons

One of the suspects arrested in connection with a terrorist attack on the Parsons Green tube station in London on Friday, has family living in Noord-Brabant, according to Arabic journalist Jenan Moussa, who spoke with the family. She posted their conversation on Twitter.

The suspect in question is 21-year-old Yahyah Farroukh, AD reports. He was arrested on Saturday night, after a homemade bomb went off on Parsons Green on Friday, injuring 29 people. A second arrested suspect, an 18-year-old Iraqi boy, lived in the same foster home as Farroukh in the United Kingdom.

Jenan Moussa spoke to Farroukh's brother, his wife and sister-in-law. According to her, they live in Noord-Brabant, exactly where was not revealed, to protect their privacy. All three family members say they are "shocked" by Farroukh's arrest. "I'm shocked by his arrest. He's ambitious, loves the UK, studies to be a journalist", the brother said. "Can't believe he has anything to do with terrorism." His sister-in-law added: "He wouldn't hurt an ant."

The brother spoke to Farroukh on Thursday or Friday, and is convinced of his innocence. "He was normal. My brother is only a suspect. I hope he'll be cleared soon."

According to the family, they left the Syrian capital of Damascus in 2012 and moved to Egypt. In 2013 Farroukh took a boat to Italy, and from there went to the United Kingdom. He was 16 at the time, and was placed in an English foster home. He's been living on his own for about a year. Farroukh's family stayed in Egypt for a time longer. They only came to Europe in 2015, moving through Turkey and Greece to finally apply for asylum in the Netherlands. 

There are rumors that Farroukh became radicalized after his father was killed in Syria, but the family denies this. According to the family, their father was sick and died in a hospital in Egypt.