Extra security measures taken for Budget Day

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The Hague is putting extra security measures in place for Budget Day next week, paying particular attention to preventing terrorist attacks with vehicles, a spokesperson for the municipality confirmed to NU.nl.

Over the coming days, the National Police will be placing sturdy fences around the city center to make sure no cars can crash into crowds of people. These fences were previously used at a major international conference at the World Forum in The Hague. The National Police purchased them so that they could be deployed at events across the country. A large part of the city center will be closed to traffic before and during the Royals traditional trip through the city in a carriage.

The municipality will also publish a leaflet with tips for the people coming to watch the Royals. These tips include things like advising the audience not to bring large bags or backpacks. The police will have checkpoints along the route, where they can check what is in your bag. This can cause delays. Rather use a plastic or linen bag. This leaflet will soon be published on the municipality's website and spread on social media. 

Budget Day is on the third Tuesday in September. This year that is Tuesday, September 19th. The municipal spokesperson would say nothing further about the security measures taken for the event. "Their scale fits an event like Budget Day."


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