Suspect arrested in Zoetermeer double murder

A 26-year-old man from Amsterdam was arrested for involvement in the murders of a father and son in Zoetermeer in April. A SWAT team arrested the suspect in his home on Tuesday, NOS reports.

The police would not tell the broadcaster exactly what role the man is suspected of playing in the murders. 

The 49-year-old father and 23-year-old son were gunned down in a parking lot on Edisonstraat in Zoetermeer on April 25th. Two perpetrators fled in a car. That getaway car was found burning a street away from the shooting. Another street away, a second getaway car stood ready. When that car wouldn't start, the two perpetrators hijacked a couple and fled further in their car.

That car was later found in Rotterdam, also on fire. The same day a 27-year-old man from Rotterdam was arrested. The police are investigating whether he played a role in the murders, or only had the task of setting the getaway car on fire.

The police have camera footage of the shooting. Two suspects can be seen on the footage - the gunman and the driver. Whether the Amsterdam suspect is one of these men, the police would not say, according to the broadcaster.