No new DNA investigation in businessman's murder; tennis coach still in custody

There will be no further investigations, including DNA investigation, in the case surrounding the murder of businessman Koen Everink, the court in Utrecht decided in a pro-forma hearing on Monday. The court also decided that suspect Mark de J. will remain in custody, reports.

According to the court, investigation has already been done by three institutes, including the Netherlands Forensic Institute. "These investigations will be used in the assessment of the case", the court said. Another investigation wil not contribute anything, according to the court.

De J.'s new lawyer, Bob Kaarls, submitted the request for additional DNA investigation. According to the defense, the DNA of a third, unidentified person was found and it needs further examination. Experts previously stated that the material found was so sketchy that the chance of tracing it to a person is very small. 

The trial against the 30-year-old tennis coach will be held on December 11th, 12th and 13th - over a year and a half after Everink was found stabbed to death in his Bilthoven home. 

De J. denied his involvement in Everink's murder from the start. He was at Everink's villa the night he was killed. But according to De J., he was abducted by four men when he was leaving Everink's house. He claims that his abductors killed Everink. He repeated this story in court on Monday, adding that the Public Prosecutor's attitude is leaving him "desperate". 

An investigation the defense had forensic laboratory IFS do concluded that Everink was likely murdered by more than one perpetrator. This seems to support De J.'s story.