Young joyrider, 14, crashes into Zandvoort kebab shop

A 14-year-old boy who was taking his parents car on a joyride, crashed into a kebab shop in Zandvoort on Thursday night. One man, who was inside the shop at the time, was injured. The shop sustained massive amounts of damage, NOS reports.

The boy and an underage passenger were on a joy ride in they boy's parents' car when a police car started following him. At a fork in the road the boy seemed to lose control of the car, drove straight across the sidewalk and crashed into the shop.

The boy was arrested and taken to the police station. Both he and his passenger were unhurt.

Munaf Kheidher, owner of the store, was talking outside the store when the car crashed into it. "We heard a very loud noise and sirens from the police in the distance", he said to regional broadcaster NH. "The car came straight at us." Kheidher managed to jump away in time.

His colleague inside the store was also very lucky. "He was just showing a customer to our toilet in the basement. Fortunately he could escape because of that, because everything is destroyed inside. Just as easily, he could have been dead." Kheidher said. "We are really shaken. There is huge damage, I'm really in shock."