More perpetrators involved in businessman Everink's murder: forensic report

Mark de J. (Photo: Mark de J. / Facebook)Mark de J. (Photo: Mark de J. / Facebook)

It is very likely that businessman Koen Everink was killed by more than one person, forensic laboratory IFS concludes in a report. Prime suspect Mark de J.'s family asked IFS to look at the case files in the hopes that the laboratory's conclusions will prompt the judiciary to do more investigation into Everink's murder, AD reports. 

Everink was found stabbed to death in his Bilthoven home early in the morning of March 4th, 2016. Tennis coach Mark de J. was arrested and has been in custody for 17 months. The authorities believe De J. - who was at Everink's house on the night of March 3rd - killed Everink after they got into a fight about money De J. borrowed from the businessman to settle his gambling debt. De J. claims he is innocent and that he himself was kidnapped on the night of the murder. 

After studying the case files, complete with all the photos of Everink's injuries and how he was found in his home, the IFS concluded that it is "very likely" that Everink was killed by more than one person, AD reports. There are several things that indicate this, according to the report. First is the way in which Everink's left hand and wrist was positioned, and the fact that there were no injuries on this hand. This seems to indicate that his left arm was held behind his back during the struggle, and that he could not use it to defend himself.

Another indication is that it seems three different knives were used to stab him, as well as a towel to smother him. It also seems that a blunt object was used on the businessman. Many weapons for one perpetrator, the researchers conclude, according to the newspaper.

The IFS therefore concluded that it is "much more likely" that several perpetrators killed Everink than just one person. 

The defense requested further investigation into DNA traces found at the crime scene and in De J.'s car, which may point to other perpetrators. When the court did not find this additional DNA investigation necessary, De J.'s lawyer quit in May. As a result, the case was delayed by several months. This new report by the IFS substantiates the defense's request for further investigation.

De J.'s trial continues on Monday. His new lawyer Bob Kaarls will face the court with this new report in hand and again request further investigation, according to AD.