Data leak on Amsterdam CS crash was deliberate: National Police Chief

Someone within the police deliberately leaked the personal information of a man who crashed his car into a group of pedestrians at Amsterdam Central Station in June to website Geenstijl, National Police Chief Erik Akerboom said in an email to all police officers on Thursday, reports.

"There is every reason to assume that someone from our organization deliberately provided information to GeenStijl", Akerboom wrote. "The corps will do everything possible to find this leak. Such a violation of our civil secrecy is disgusting and unacceptable."

Earlier this week GeenStijl published a screenshot containing the personal information of the man invovled in the incident at Central Station. A police spokesperson confirmed that the picture is a screenshot of a police system, according to The website reported the driver's full name and that he is Moroccan. According to the site, this revelation is reason to doubt that the crash was caused by the driver becoming unwell. 

Seven people, mostly tourists, were injured in the accident. Shortly after the incident, the police announced that it was an accident and not a terrorist attack. The driver was still held in custody for a few days, while the police investigated every possiblity to exclude that it was a deliberate action. 

During the investigation, the police thoroughly searched the man's phone, car, home and blood glucose meters. The officers finally concluded that the man had become unwell while driving, likely due to his diabetes.