Police investigate Nispen barn in search for missing Belgian

Jelle Leemans, went missing after a drug transaction in Roosendaal in Nov 2013
Jelle Leemans, went missing after a drug transaction in Roosendaal in Nov 2013Photo: Sofie Leemans / Facebook

The police are investigating in a barn on Essenseweg in Nispen in connection with the disappearance of Jelle Leemans. The then 27-year-old Belgian man disappeared in in 2013. The investigation was launched based on a tip that the missing man may be found there, the police confirmed to NU.nl.

"It's a barn in which building materials are stored. We do not think the current owner has anything to do with the case", the police spokesperson said to the newspaper. "It was a targeted tip that we are taking very seriously. But whether it will lead to anything, we do not know yet."

A technical investigation team and a team from the special searches service are on site. The investigation is expected to take several hours. 

Leemans disappeared on November 21st, 2013. It is believed that he traveled to Roosendaal on that day to meet someone in connection with a drug deal. The police previously stated that they fear the young Belgian man had been killed. No body was ever found. Two suspects from Roosendaal and Rijsbergen were arrested in 2014 in connection with Leemans' disappearance, but they were later released due to lack of evidence. 

Last month Leemans' mother appeared on RTL Boulevard to plea for witnesses to come forward. "I need to know what happened to him and where he is", the woman said in an emotional call. Whether this moved the tip giver to come forward is unclear.