Busy rush hour expected as school holidays come to an end

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After six weeks of relatively quiet roads, commuters can expect more traffic on Monday as schools in the central regions of the Netherlands reopen after the summer holiday. Safe traffic association VVN warns motorists to keep a wary eye out for children crossing the road or cycling to school today, AD reports.

According to the VVN, the first two weeks of a new school year always sees an increase of traffic accidents involving children. This especially involves children heading to high school for the first time, as they are unfamiliar with the route to their new school and the traffic on the route. Smartphone use also plays a role, according to the association.

The VVN previously called on parents to practice the cycling routes their children take to school before school starts. 

On Monday, August 28th, the schools in the south of the country reopen. And the week after that, kids in the northern Netherlands return to school.