Men's bicycles unsafe in traffic: Dutch traffic assoc.

Safe traffic association VVN would like to reduce the number of men's bicycles on Dutch roads. According to the association, the high top tube on men's bicycles is more dangerous than the lower tube on women's bikes, ANP reports.

Research showed that in a fall on a men's bike, the rider is more likely to hit the ground with his head, rather than with shoulder or hip, according to the VVN. The high top tube also makes sudden dismounting more difficult, which can result in a fall. This is especially a problem for older cyclists, who are physically less flexible. "These falls often have more serious consequences", the VVN said.

TeamAlert, the VVN's youth organization, calls on fathers with young children and seniors to rather use bicycles with a low top tube. The organization also calls the whole idea of a men's bicycle outdated. "The idea of such bicycles dates back to the 19th century, when these constructions were still needed to make sure the bike is strong enough", a spokesperson said, according to the news wire. "Now ladies bikes are basically just as stable as men's bicycles, despite being built in a different way."