Three Dutch suspected in fiiponil scandal

brown eggs unknown Wikimedia commons

The Public Prosecutor consider three Dutch persons suspects in the fipronil contamination scandal that resulted in millions of eggs being recalled from supermarkets. The suspects are two managers of pest control company ChickFriend and Nick H., whose company is suspected of delivering fipronil to the Barneveld company, NOS reports. ChickFriend is considered the source of the fipronil contamination in the Netherlands. 

The authorities believe that H.'s company, called Pro-farma according to the Telegraaf, delivered fipronil to Chickfriend as well as a Belgian chicken farmer in feed form. Containers marked with the company's name were found at ChickFriend. On Pro-farma's website the feed delivered to the Belgian farmer is described as "positive for the immune system" of chickens. 

H.'s home in Mill, Noord-Brabant was one of the addresses raided in the fipronil investigation on Thursday. H. was not home at the time. He told the Telegraaf from his vacation home that he is innocent. He blames Patrick R. - the owner of the Belgian company also believed to have delivered fipronil to ChickFriend - for everything. H. and R. used to own a company together, but had a falling out. According to H., his company's name was found at ChickFriend because R. is illegally using it. 

The three Dutch are suspected of endangering public health. The two ChickFriend managers were arrested.