Data of 100,000 Dutch lease drivers leaked

A data leak at software company CarWise ICT meant that information of thousands of Dutch lease drivers was easily accessible to unauthorized parties. The leak was discovered by security company ESET, director Dave Maasland confirmed to Maasland estimates that at least 100 thousand customers were affected.

The leak was discovered in the LeaseWise software, used by 52 Dutch car leasing companies. These companies share a database, which was accessible to other parties due to the leak. The leaked data includes customers' addresses, lease contracts and the total number of kilometers traveled per car. 

LeaseWise said that the leak was closed within 24 hours after they were notified by ESET last week, according to Whether the security problem was exploited before then is unclear. 

Vehicle crime insurance agency VbV is shocked by the poor state of security at LeaseWise. "Eastern European gangs are known to have address lists of certain types of cars. For example, an Audi A3 with a certain type of sports steering wheel is very popular", VbV director Wouter Verkerk said to AD. "With such data leaks you make easy shopping for thieves."