Police determined to identify baby found dead in Rotterdam bushes

Crime scene tape
Crime scene tapePhoto: Politie

The Rotterdam police are determined to identify a baby found dead in a rubbish bag, hidden in some bushes in the parking lot next to the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam on Thursday. Investigators call on anyone with information to come forward, AD reports.

The gender and age of the child is still unclear. As is how or how long ago the baby died. It is also unclear whether the child was killed in a crime.

But somewhere - maybe in Rotterdam, maybe elsewhere in the Netherlands - a baby disappeared. The police call on the public to think. If you know a woman who is suddenly no longer pregnant and doesn't have a child, or if you know of a child that hasn't been seen in a while, call the police. 

A passerby noticed the bag on Antoine Platekade around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday and decided to look inside. She got the shock of her life and called the police. Forensic investigators spent hours at the scene, carefully looking for trace evidence. 

The police will do everything in their power to find answers as quickly as possible. "This is very sad", a police spokesperson said to AD. "For the woman who found the baby body, but also for our colleagues. We want answers as soon as possible."

Another local resident also noticed the bag while walking her dog on Thursday. "The dog did not want to walk on, he just stood there. I'm glad I did not open the bag. My neighbor did. I find it horrible", she said to the newspaper.