Valtifest organizers declared bankrupt

Valtifest 2016
Valtifest 2016. (Photo: Valtifest / Facebook)

Festival organizer Valtifest was declared bankrupt on Tuesday, the organization announced on their website. The 10th edition of Valtifest, with the theme ArtiFarti, was set to take place on the NDSM site in Amsterdam on September 9th. Whether this can still happen is unclear, Het Parool reports.

"The bankruptcy administrator is busy with various parties to see if a restart of Valtifest is possible and if Valtifest-ArtiFarti can go through." the organization writes. "Some 3,000 tickets for the festival have been sold. If you have a ticket, we will try to give you clarity as soon as possible on how things proceed."

The bankruptcy administrator and the organization will meet on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the possibilities. Owner Peter van der Meulen was not available for comment, according to the newspaper.

Administrator Luc Rijzerwijk hasn't received any concrete bids yet, but he hopes to find a party willing to organize the festival. "We are trying everything to let the festival happen. The brand has value and all licenses are already approved." he said to Het Parool.