Rare pallid harrier chicks hatched in Netherlands for first time

Pallid harrier
Pallid harrier. Photo: Mprasannak / Wikimedia Commons

The nest of a rare pallid harrier was discovered in Groningen, the first time ever this bird species was found breeding in the Netherlands. Four baby birds hatched in the nest, NU.nl reports.

A volunteer for the Montagu's Harrier work group found the nest by chance in a barley filed late in May. The location of the nest was kept secret, so that the pallid harriers could roost in peace. 

The work group carefully followed and recorded the breeding and hatching process. A fence was erected around the nest to keep predators like foxes away. 

This was a particularly special find, because it involved two pure pallid harriers. Male pallid harriers are also known to breed with other types of harriers, according to the work group.