Albert Heijn to experiment with cashier-less shops

Albert Heijn plans to start experimenting with cash register-less stores from next year. In these stores, customers can pack their trolleys with what they want and walk out of the store without scanning anything - payment happens automatically, ANP reports.

What method the chain will use to achieve this, is still unclear, a spokesperson for Albert Heijn said to the news wire. The experiment will initially only be done in AH to go-stores, because "speed and convenience are already important at those stores". Ordinary Albert Heijn stores won't form part of this experiment in the foreseeable future.

American online retailer Amazon is already experimenting with a store in which customers don't have to scan their purchases through a cashier. The customer's mobile phone registers the items in the basket, and cameras and sensors keep an eye on what items leave the store. Payment is made automatically when you leave the store, according to the news wire.