Warm, sunny weather expected later this week

. Source: Pixabay

After a rainy weekend, Netherlands residents can look forward to some more summery weather this week, according to Weerplaza. Hot air currently causing very high temps in Spain, will move towards the Netherlands during the course of the week, bringing afternoon temperatures of up to 28 degrees with it. 

Monday afternoon will be increasingly cloudy, with a chance of rain locally. Maximum temperatures will range between 20 and 23 degrees, with a moderate to strong wind on the Wadden. Tuesday will have sunny and cloudy periods, but with very little chance of rain. Around noon temperatures will range between 19 and 23 degrees. 

From Tuesday onwards each day of the rest of the week will be about a degree hotter than the day before. By Friday the Netherlands will be on the verge of the very hot air, and the day is set to be the warmest day of the week, if not the most beautiful. Sunshine and clouds will alternate, with a chance of thunderstorms. Temperatures will range between 23 degrees in the northwest and 28 degrees in the southeast. 

The hot air is expected to dissipate over the weekend, but Saturday and Sunday will still hold long periods of sunshine with temperatures reaching up to 25 degrees.