Police need help identifying victim in No Surrender assault; photo of blindfolded, gagged man released

During an investigation into a No Surrender member being assaulted by other members of his club in Breda, the police found a photo of a man - blindfolded, gagged and tied to a radiator - on a confiscated phone. The police are still trying to identify this man and are asking the public for help, the Telegraaf reports.

The victim is a stout man with short, dark hair. In the photo he is lying on the ground, tied to a radiator. HIs eyes and mouth are taped shut. His legs are bound with thick layers of plastic wrap. The floor also seems to be covered in plastic, likely to make subsequent cleanup easier.

The police are struggling to identify the man and are very concerned about his condition. The investigators are therefore turning to the public for help. It may be that the man is also a member of the motorcycle club.

The phone was found in the investigation into an assault in the parking lot of Ikea in Breda on September 21st last year. Surveillance camera footage shows a man being attacked by four other men - even after the victim is on the ground, his attackers keep hitting and kicking him. The man is then forced to get into his own car and drive away. All four men involved are members of No Surrender, according to the police.

Four No Surrender members were arrested in connection with this assault.