Missing teen girl planned to meet study group, parents; Family desperate

Savannah Dekker, missing in Bunschoten since 1 Jun 2017
Savannah Dekker, missing in Bunschoten since 1 Jun 2017Photo: Monique Dekker-Beekhuis / Facebook

Fourteen year old Savannah Dekker from Bunschoten has been missing since Thursday afternoon. The girl left home to meet classmates to work on an assignment, promised to be home for dinner, but never returned, her mother Monique tol RTV Utrecht. "Have you seen our daughter", Monique asks in a desperate post shared over 50 thousand times on Facebook. 

According to Monique, not coming home is very unlike Savannah. "We weren't fighting", she said to RTV Utrecht. She agreed to meet her classmates at a nearby park, from where they'd cycle to a friend's house to work on an assignment. But she never arrived.

When dinner time came and went, Monique started to worry. She called Savannah's friends, but no one knew where she was. Her cellphone is turned off. She then called the police.

"We are taking this very seriously", a police spokesperson said to the broadcaster. "We immediately launched an extensive investigation." Savannah's contacts and social media activity were checked, and the police tried to trace her phone. But to no avail. "We are concerned and call on everyone who knows something to come forward. We hope to have the girl home tonight."

Savannah is 1.73 meters tall and has some difficulty walking due to a hernia. She was last seen wearing jeans, a Minnie Mouse shirt, a green bomber jacket and fluorescent pink Nike shoes. She left her house on a black Cortina bicycle with a black crate on the front. 



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