Flight delays after fuel supply disturbance at Schiphol

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in 2006photo: Shirley de Jong / Wikimedia

Schiphol struggled with a fuel supply disruption for a short time this morning. The problem has since been resolved, but it will take some time before all flights are departing back on schedule, a spokesperson for the airport said to NOS. About 50 flights are delayed.

"We are still working on getting everything started, so we still expect some slight delays", the spokesperson said. "Aircraft arriving at Schiphol that need to be refilled, must go to the end of the line before they are refilled. This may take a while."

According to the spokesperson, not all delays are due to the fuel supply problem. Some flights could not leave on time for other reasons. Flights are delayed between 30 and 40 minutes. No flights were canceled and no aircrafts were redirected to other airports.

According to NH Nieuws, the problem arose when fuel trucks used to refuel the planes could not be replenished this morning. They therefore had to make do with the fuel remaining in them from yesterday. It took about an hour to sort everything out, and the disturbance was over around 8:30 a.m.