Dutch PM refuses 2nd try at governing with anti-Islam nationalist PVV

VVD leader Mark Rutte is carefully considering the next steps in the Dutch cabinet formation now that negotiations between his party, the CDA, D66 and GroenLinks collapsed. He is clear on one thing however - the VVD still won't rule with anti-Islam nationalist Geert Wilders and his PVV, he said to RTL Nieuws.

Wilders posted on Twitter that the PVV is available for a coalition almost immediately after mediator Edith Schippers announced that the negotiations had collapsed. To cameras the leaders of the VVD, CDA, D66 and GroenLinks all said that they are disappointed by the mutual agreement to end the talks. But sources told NRC that the talks collapsed because GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver would not agree with a proposal to make an asylum deal with north African countries that is similar to the deal between Turkey and the EU - money for shelter in the region, in return for the borders being closed to asylum seekers who want to come to Europe. 

Rutte would not say anything about his preference for a coalition. "We're going to take it step by step", he said to the broadcaster, adding that he wants to "first calmly discuss it with the faction."

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, will debate on how to proceed regarding the government formation from 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Kamer president Khadija Arib announced after meeting with all the party leaders on Tuesday. Schippers is expected to send her report on the failed negotiations to the Kamer later this afternoon. 

The leaders of the parties not involved in the formation talks are demanding clarity on what happened as soon as possible, according to the Volkskrant. "Was this a serious attempt or a stage play?" PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher wants to know. He added that the PvdA is still not available for the next formation attempt.

"I'm surprised that it took six weeks to find out that you can't agree with GroenLinks on migration", PVV leader Geert Wilders said. 

ChristenUnie, considered by many as the most likely party to replace GroenLinks in the formation talks, is wonderig how definite this negotiation collapse is. Leader Gert-Jan Segers is willing to discuss joining a VVD, CDA, D66 coalition, but only if GroenLinks is definitely off the table. 

This is the first time the Kamer has to deal with failed formation negotiations since the King was removed from the formation picture in 2012. Because new negotiations now have to start, a new mediator may be appointed. As the VVD is the biggest party, Rutte will nominate a mediator. According to the Volkskrant, it is likely that Edith Schippers will again be nominated as she already knows all the parties wishes and demands.