Rotterdam implements alcohol ban for Feyenoord match; Rioters' photos published

Riot police clash with football fans in Rotterdam after Feyenoord lost to Excelsior, 7 May 2017
Riot police clash with football fans in Rotterdam after Feyenoord lost to Excelsior, 7 May 2017Photo: Politie

The municipality of Rotterdam decided to ban shops in the city center from selling alcohol on Sunday, when Feyenoord is playing against Heracles for the Dutch title. On Wednesday the police published photos of 12 men suspected of violence during riots in Rotterdam this past Sunday after Feyenoord lost against Excelsior. So far three suspects turned themselves in, according to the Telegraaf.

All 12 men are suspected of public violence. The photos of those who turned themselves in have since been removed from the police site. 

Following last Sunday's disturbances, the municipality of Rotterdam decided to take extra measures for this week's match, RTL Nieuws reports. Restaurants will be allowed to sell alcohol on Sunday, but no shops in the city center. If Feyenoord wins the match and becomes Dutch champion, the alcohol ban will also apply to Monday. 

Retired footballer John de Wolf posted a video on YouTube in which he, dressed as a riot police officer, called on Feyenoord fans to keep calm during and after the match on Sunday. "Keep your heads and make sure that the ceremony is not compromised." 

"I am also a Feyenoord fan", De Wolf said in the video. "Just because I'm standing in this uniform, does not mean to say I don't have a Feyenoord heart. Let's make sure that we don't oppose each other, but stand next to each other. Think about our beautiful club. I believe in Gio, in the team, but also in you."

Feyenoord fans who wanted to watch the match on Sunday on the Stadhuisplein, Binnenrotte or Biergarten had to buy tickets to do so. All tickets have now been sold out.