Iraqi militia captures husband of suspected Dutch ISIS supporter

An Iraqi militia captured the husband of suspected Dutch ISIS supporter Laura H. in Mosul, according to newspaper Trouw. The capture was filmed and members of Ibrahim I.'s family identified him on the footage, the newspaper reported on Friday.

Ibrahim I. was placed on the European terrorist list in October last year for joining terrorist organization ISIS. The 28-year-old Dutch-Palestinian took his wife and children to Raqqa, the self declared ISIS caliphate in Syria, in 2015. They later ended up in Mosul. Last summer H. fled from the terrorist organization with her children. They returned to the Netherlands and H. was arrested uppon her arrival at Schiphol. She is currently in custody at the terrorist department of the prison in Vught. 

What exactly will happen to Ibrahim I. now is unclear. According to Trouw, the militia that captured him - Hashed al-Shabi - is known to lock prisoners away in secret prisons. Hashed al-Shabi consists of Shiite volunteers who are active outside Mosul, according to the newspaper. According to the Iraqi journalist who filmed I.'s capture and had a moment to talk to him afterwards, I. was caught during a fight between Shiite warriors and ISIS. 

The Dutch consulate confirmed to Trouw that they know about the arrest, but would say nothing more about it.