Lawsuit prepped against Schiphol for missed flights from long security lines

Amsterdam Schiphol packed before King's Day
People fill up the area above the KLM check in counters, also crowded with passengers. Apr. 24, 2017Mike O'Connor

Lawyer Alexander Colenbrander is preparing a mass lawsuit against Schiphol on behalf of people who missed their flights due to long lines at the airport's security checkpoints during the May holiday. People who missed their flight and want to claim their expenses back, can report to a new Utrecht company Claimingo, AD reports.

According to Colenbrander, thousands of passengers had to make unexpected expenses due to flights missed while standing in line at a Schiphol security checkpoint. "It is sometimes very distressing cases", he said to AD. "Whole families who saw their entire vacation go up in smoke, for example, or an English boy who had to buy a new ticket for a huge amount of money."

The attorney decided to start working on a joint claim after receiving calls from over 50 people who missed their flights due to the lines at the airport over the past week. He can't say how many claims will eventually be submitted, but he expects the number to be huge.

Schiphol CEO Jos Nijhuis recently announced that more security personnel will be deployed to deal with busy days in the coming summer period. He added that this will not make the lines disappear. "On peak days it will simply be very busy at Schiphol", he said.