Football fan apologizes for huge PSV-Ajax smoke bomb; Remanded into custody

Smoke bomb at PSV vs Ajax Eredivisie match in Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, 23 Apr 2017
Smoke bomb at PSV vs Ajax Eredivisie match in Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, 23 Apr 2017Photo: @yousef738 / Twitter

A 35-year-old Eindhoven man arrested for lighting a smoke bomb at the PSV vs Ajax match this weekend, apologized via his lawyer Bas Ruijters. According to the lawyer, his client regrets lighting the smoke bomb. He adds that his client was not involved in any form of planned action, only lit a smoke bomb he found on the ground, Omroep Brabant reports.

According to Ruitjers, a group of PSV supporters lit a total of 13 smoke bombs at once, causing havoc in the stadium. Some 10 minutes later, the Eindhoven man lit a 14th smoke bomb he found lying around. He was not in the stand when the first bunch was lit and did not realize that there had been a commotion.

"He indicates that he was having a drink with his wife in the supporter's clubhouse. When he came back, someone pointed out the smoke bomb to him. Saying: 'light it'. Only afterwards did he hear that there was a commotion. He is very sorry." the lawyer said, according to the broadcaster. 

The police believe that the massive smoke cloud in the stadium on Sunday was the result of a coordinated action. According to Ruijters, his client has no idea who was behind it and does not form part of any particular group. "Now it looks like one man was responsible for that whole smoke curtain, but that is not the case. The smoke bomb he lit caused a little plume of smoke about 10 minutes after the whole commotion."

The 35-year-old man was remanded into custody for two weeks on Wednesday.