Amsterdammer fined €20,500 for renting small room to six French tourists on Airbnb

Airbnb. Photo: Screenshot /

Three French couples were very disappointed when the arrived in Amsterdam for Easter weekend to find that their 1,000 euro per night Airbnb listing consisted of one tiny room with only one real bed and two air mattresses. The renter was fined 20,500 euros on Wednesday for breaking Amsterdam's Airbnb rules, Het Parool reports.

Amsterdam's rules state that you are allowed to rent out your private home, but to no more than four people at a time and for no longer than 90 days per year. As there were six people staying in one tiny room, the renter broke the rules and his room was classified an illegal hotel.

The Dutch authorities were alerted to the situation trough a tip on new hotline Zoeklicht Direct, on which Amsterdam residents can report illegal holiday rentals and other types of housing fraud like weed plantations and prostitution.