Hague parking lot shooting leaves one dead; Perpetrators at large

Crime scene (Photo: Politie)Crime scene (Photo: Politie)

One person was killed in a shooting in a parking lot on Sylvain Poonsstraat in The Hague shortly before midnight on Monday. The police are searching for the perpetrators, who may have fled in a car. As far as is known, no arrests were made so far.

A witness told Den Haag FM that the victim is in a car on the parking lot. Windows of two cars, parked next to each other, were shot out. The side window of a green car is shattered, as is the back window of a black car parked next to it. 

The police placed screens around the parking lot to close down the scene of the crime. So far no information was released about the victim. According to newspaper AD, the victim is a man. 

Investigators call on witnesses to come forward.