Shooter on the loose after bullets spray Roosendaal home

Bullets whizzed through a Roosendaal neighborhood Sunday night in what police allege to be a targeted shooting of a home on the Diepenberg in the Noord-Brabant city. Several shots were fired at the home, bursting windows before the suspects escaped just after 11 p.m. on Easter.

There were no injuries in the incident despite at least one resident being home at the time of the shooting, police told Omroep Brabant.

Police have not yet identified a motive in the shooting.

Investigators visited another home last October just a few doors down from the house struck by bullets. In that case, police working on the 100-meter-long road shut down one of four illegal cannabis grow houses in a single day.

Police destroyed 80 plants there, along with 165 plants at a building on the Nieuwe Market about three kilometers away. Another 300 plants spread out over adjoining locations in Poortvliet, Zeeland were also discovered in the investigation.