Frozen spring: April snow in Limburg with cold to last through King's Day

Snow and Hail fall in Friesland
Wet snow accompanied hail in some coastal parts of Friesland. April 17, 2017. (photo: ArjaKastelein / Twitter)

Frigid, and potentially freezing temperatures are expected across the Netherlands this week, dashing the hopes of many residents that a warm spring would make its return. The thermometer is expected to plummet as low as -1 degrees in Venlo, Limburg on Wednesday morning, but a strong Northerly wind will make it feel like -8 degrees there.

The city near the German border will like face three straight days of freezing temperatures in the early morning hours. Snow and sleet is even possible in parts of Limburg this week.

Cloudy skies are expected across the rest of the Netherlands, though the sun could peer out from the clouds on Wednesday afternoon. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the temperature will barely rise above ten degrees, with a stiff windchill that could force many to keep their t-shirts and skirts out of sight at the back of the closet.

The temperature could rise to the low teens in Maastricht on Friday, but it will be cold overnight there as well as in Groningen.

The chilly weather is expected to remain in the Netherlands at least through King’s Day on April 27.