Three suspected of stealing pelican eggs from Artis

The police are looking for three suspects for the theft of 10 pelican eggs from Artis Zoo in Amsterdam last week Sunday. A witness saw three people preparing for the robbery, the police said on AT5 program Bureau 020. According to the police, each egg is worth between 10 thousand and 20 thousand euros, Het Parool reports.

The police believe the theft was planned in advance and that multiple people were involved. Simply considering the size and weight of pelican eggs, it would be impossible for one person to carry all ten by himself in one trip. 

Investigators call on witnesses to come forward. Artis' security cameras were not working on the night of the robbery, so there is no footage of the perpetrators. Which is why witnesses will play a crucial role in this case. "People who saw three suspects leave Artis with big bags for example", the police said.