Crime writer assassinated on second try; gun jammed in Amsterdam attempt

Suspect sought in assassination of crime writer Martin Kok, 8 Dec 2016
Suspect sought in assassination of crime writer Martin Kok, 8 Dec 2016Photo: Opsporing Verzocht

Crime writer Martin Kok was gunned down at sex club Boccaccio in Laren on December 8th last year. A few hours before that he unwittingly survived another attack in Amsterdam. Footage the police released of this first attempted assassination shows a gunman running up to Kok. He tries to shoot the crime writer, but nothing happens and he runs away.

Kok was killed in the parking lot of the sex club around 11:20 p.m. The attempted assassination in Amsterdam happened shortly after 6:30 p.m. Kok had lunch with some fellow crime writers at Harbour Club Kitchen on Apollolaan. Afterwards he comes out of the CitizenM hotel on Prinses Irenestraat in Amsterdam Zuid. the gunman runs up to him. It seems his gun jammed or there was some other trouble, because nothing happens and he runs off. Kok had no idea that he was just almost killed. 

The police believe that the same man was involved in both attacks. While fleeing his failed attack in Amsterdam, he nearly crashed into one of two cyclists riding across Prinses Irenestraat. The police would like to make contact with these cyclists. 

The suspect is a man with light to lightly tanned skin and a slender posture. He is between 1.7 and 1.75 meters tall. On the day of the attack he was wearing a dark coat with a hood and a scarf. Under his coat he wore a dark gray sweater or shirt and blue jeans. 

The police are calling on anyone with information about this case to come forward.