Identity fraud cases skyrocket in Netherlands

Police officer looking for witnesses
Police officer looking for witnessesPhoto: Politie

The number of reports about identity fraud in the Netherlands more than doubled last year, according to figures from the Identity Fraud Hotline. Last year the hotline received 1,724 reports, compared to 805 in 2015, ANP report.

The hotline can't give a clear explanation for the increase. The fact that reports can now be done online may play a role. There is also an increased awareness about ID fraud, thanks to a government campaign. "You therefore can't say that more ID fraud was committed, but that more was reported", a spokesperson said to the news wire.

393 cases involved the abuse of public information such as address or phone number. 316 cases involved passport fraud. 223 involved fraud with an ID card. And in 152 cases a driver's license was involved. 


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