Dutch closer to smoking ban in amusement park queues

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The Dutch association for the 21 major amusement parks in the country, Club van Elf, is getting closer to banning smoking in the queues outside rides. The association plans to make an announcement about it next week, AD reports.

At this stage Kees Klesman of the association does not want to say much about it. "We are working hard on it", he said to AD. "It also requires enforcement and the right information in the parks to inform people on the smoking policy. It should also all be feasible."

Efteling announced last year that it is implementing a new smoking policy after many non-smokers asked for a ban on smoking in the outside queues. Hellendoorn Adventure Park is already banning smoking in the outside queues. "Smoking is still allowed outside, but not in line, where people stand still and can't leave", marketing manager Rene Peul said. "More parks already do something similar, but it isn't really enforced yet. That will happen now."

A spokesperson for another park told the newspaper that all the amusement parks "already announced the intention to do this."