Wilders loss in Dutch election a hit for populism in Europe: world media

Geert Wilders surrounded by bodyguards, Spijkenesse Feb 2017
Geert Wilders surrounded by bodyguards, Spijkenesse Feb 2017Photo: Peter van der Sluijs / Wikimedia Commons

The parliamentary election in the Netherlands on Wednesday had the interest of journalists and media sources from around the world. The main question on everyone's mind was whether, after the Brexit and after Donald Trump, the populism trend would spread to the European continent. With Mark Rutte and his VVD winning the election, most foreign media sources are focused on Geert Wilders and his PPV's loss.

Many foreign media sources considered the Netherlands as a harbinger to what will happen in the elections in France and Germany later this year, according to the New York Times. The American newspaper also points out that many of the parties that did well in the election are in favor of the European Union. "The Netherlands, after Brexit, after the American elections, said 'whoa' to the wrong kind of populism", the newspaper quotes Rutte. 

The CNN's story on the Dutch election is focused on: "Populism in Europe takes a hit". The Wall Street Journal wrote that "Dutch voters rebuff anti-Immigration candidate". "The populist uprising that many had expected - that Geert Wilders might be able to achieve - has not come to pass." the British Sky News writes. 

According to German newspaper Bild, Rutte can thank the political fallout between the Netherlands and Turkey for his victory. "Rutte defeats Wilders, thanks to fear for Erdogan."