Greens say ruling with conservative party would be “difficult”; Gov’t coalition building begins in Netherlands

After a night of celebrations or condolences following the parliamentary election on Wednesday, the Dutch political party leaders are gathering in parliament to discuss the election results and start the massive task of creating a new government. GroenLinks party leader Jesse Klaver thinks it will be "difficult" to for his party to form a coalition party with the VVD, the biggest party after the election, but he is willing to consider it, the Telegraaf reports.

All political parties first had meetings with their party factions, before the party leaders gathered in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament. 

According to Klaver, now that his party is so big it is his "responsibility to see if you can govern", he said. "But it will be difficult, if you look at the political landscape." During the election campaign, Klaver said that forming a cabinet with the liberals would be undesirable, but he did not rule it out. Even still he would "prefer" to govern with "green and left parties, together with our Christian friends."

Alexander Pechtold and his D66 celebrated his party's significant victory. He hopes for a role in the Cabinet, but is still holding his cards close to his chest. "First we're going to listen to the VVD."

CDA leader Sybrand Buma is not necessarily aiming for a role in the government, but believes that it is time for his party to take responsibility. "We are not only a stopgap for the Cabinet."

The PvdA, who lost 29 seats in this election, did not have much of a celebration last night. Party leader Lodewijk Asscher is preparing himself for a role in the opposition, he said to the newspaper. "On us lies the heavy responsibility of the future of social democracy", he said. 



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