Enschede man can't vote after dog ate his voting pass

Dog Nio ate his boss' voting pass, 15 Mar 2017
Dog Nio ate his boss' voting pass, 15 Mar 2017Photo: @ebommel17 / Twitter

Enschede man Erik van Bommel can't vote today because his dog Nio tore his voting pass into a thousand pieces last night. He reached out to the municipality, only to be told that no new voting ballots will be issued today. So he's out of luck.

Van Bommel is angry at both his dog and the municipality of Enschede. "He never takes anything off the table. And now this. And I was so eager to vote", he said to Tubantia. "But the municipality said that I should've applied for a new voting pass yesterday before noon. Isn't that weird? Shouldn't it be faster?"

On Twitter the municipality suggests that he tries to stick the pieces of the ballot back together. But he'd already thrown it away.