Anti-Islam PVV continues tumble in polls just one week before Dutch elections

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With just a week before the parliamentary election, anti-Islam, populist party PVV continues to lose support in the polls. The PVV dropped to between 21 and 25 seats on Peilingwijzer, putting the party clearly behind the VVD, which is at between 24 and 28 seats.

Over the past weeks the VVD has remained relatively stable on the polls, climbing one seat compared to last week. Put the PVV has steadily been losing support on Peilingwijzer, which combines the data of six different poll for a more rounded view.

Peilingwijzer creator and political scientist Tom Louwerse told NOS that over the past two weeks the PVV especially lost support on Maurice de Hond's poll "On the PVV was for a long time clearly higher than on the other polls. ANd now the decilne is also greater than on the others."

PVV leader Geert Wilders refused to participate in the previous two televised election debates. It is not clear whether this played a part in his party's loss of support. 

Over the past weeks the CDA and SP made significant progress. The CDA gained two seats compared to the situation a month ago. That puts the CDA, with between 18 and 20 seats, slightly ahead of the D66 at 17 to 19 seats. GroenLinks is just behind those two parties with 15 to 17 seats.

SP gained one seat over the past month and is now at 13 to 15 seats, ahead of the PvdA which is at 11 to 13 seats.