Video: Stuntman breaks both arms in publicity jump from Amsterdam's RAI tower

Street diving world record attempt at RAI in Amsterdam, 6 Mar 2017
Street diving world record attempt at RAI in Amsterdam, 6 Mar 2017. (Photo: @kickered / Twitter)

A stuntman broke both his arms in Amsterdam on Monday afternoon when he jumped from a height of 60 meters in a stunt organized to promote the Funsports Xperience at the RAI, Het Parool reports.

The stunt involved three professional athletes jumping from the RAI tower between 1:35 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. in a BigAirBag world record attempt for Street Diving - a new sport involving jumping without a parachute to land on an inflatable cushion. 

The first jumper was Cris van Schijndel, 19-year-old Dutch slackline champion. His jump went according to plan. The next jumper was Iranian Amir Badri. After landing, he did not get up from the pillow. He landed badly on his arms and was rushed to the hospital, where it was established that he broke both arms. 

A spokesperson for Badri announced that he is doing well under the circumstances.

BigAirBag hoped to draw attention to the new sport Street Diving with this world record attempt. The company is one of the participants in the FunSports Xperience expo that will be held in the RAI between March 8th and 12th. 

Street Diving bij de RAI

Bij een wereldrecordpoging Street Diving is een man gewond geraakt toen hij van het 60 meter hoge RAI-logo afsprong. Amir Badri werd - waarschijnlijk met een gebroken arm - afgevoerd door een ambulance. De sprong was georganiseerd door BigAirBag ter promotie van de Funsports Xperience in de RAI.

Geplaatst door Het Parool op Maandag 6 maart 2017