Chairman of new equal rights political party resigns months after taking the job

Sylvana Simons
Sylvana Simons. Photo: DENK / Facebook

Bram Verhappen resigned as chairman of Sylvana Simons' political party Artikel 1 last month, NOS discovered in a document from the Chamber of Commerce. 

Verhappen was chairman of the party, which promises equal rights to voters, for a matter of months. The party was launched in December last year. It is unclear why he resigned. Artikel 1 would not comment on the news, according to newspaper AD.

Secretary and treasurer Reguillo Wijngaarde took over Verhappen's duties, according to the document. 

Artikel 1 was initially , instead of in Sylvana Simons own name. This caused quite a bit of controversy in December, as the party was registered weeks before Simons announced that she is - also only months after

Artikel 1 will be taking part in the parliamentary elections on March 15th.