Street attack on Amsterdam gay couple leads to arrest

Amserdam Politie 2

On Thursday the police arrested a 24-year-old man from Amsterdam on suspicion of involvement in the aggravated assault of a gay couple in the Dutch capital in October last year, the police announced in a statement on their website. 

The assault happened on Ruijterkade on October 16th. Three young men on scooters attacked the gay couple, seemingly out of nowhere. The police believe that the couple was targeted due to their sexual orientation. One of te victims sustained a fractured skull in the attack and spent some time in the hospital.

Earlier this week the police released video footage of the attack, as well as a clear image of one of the attackers. It is unclear whether the arrest was made based on information received after this footage was released.

According to the police, the suspect is in restricted custody, which means that he is only allowed contact with is lawyer.

No further comment will be made at this stage in the interest of the investigation, the police said.