Amanda Todd's mom attends Dutch suspect's trial

Canadian woman Carol Todd is in the Netherlands and attending the trial of Aydin C. from Tilburg. The Dutchman is believed to be responsible for extorting and torturing Carol's daughter Amanda Todd with nude photos of herself until the 15-year-old girl committed suicide in 2012 shortly after posting a video on YouTube in which she tells her story.

C. is standing trial in the Netherlands for  72 different offenses, including blackmailing dozens of underage girls after convincing them to strip for him in front of their webcams and making, having and distributing child pornography. He is also suspected of defrauding and extorting five men from Australia and Britain. The Amanda Todd case is not part of this trial. Canada wants to handle that case and asked that C. be extradited. In June a Dutch court approved the extradition

"Saw him!" Carol Todd wrote on her Facebook page on Monday morning. On Friday she told Canadian broadcaster CBC that she is attending the trial to honor Amanda's memory. "It's important for me to be there because it's part of Amanda's story", she said to the broadcaster. "I'm going and seeing him face to face. I want him to know that Amanda's presence is there, we won't back down."