Ireland to extradite Amsterdam gang leader to Netherlands

A court in Ireland ruled on Thursday that suspected Amsterdam gang leader Naoufal F. can be extradited to the Netherlands. F. is wanted in the Netherlands for several crimes, including an attempted assassination on Peter R. in Diemen in November 2015, Het Parool reports.

F. was arrested in Dublin in April last year, in a home that the local authorities believe belongs to an Irish mafia clan, the Kinahans. 

The Netherlands requested that F. be extradited mid 2016, on charges of money laundering, possession of counterfeit papers and assault in Amsterdam night club Jimmy Woo in 2012. The Public Prosecutor later added the attempted murder charge to the list. 

According to Het Parool, the judiciary has ample evidence to connect Naoufal F. to the attempted assasination of Peter R. A number of suspects were already arrested in connection with this attack.

The main evidence comes from a Blackberry the already arrested suspects used, which the Dutch authorities managed to break into. Shortly after the attempted asssasination, "Buik" scolded the suspects for their failures. The authorities believe that "Buik" is Naoufal F., and that he was the one to organize the assassination. 

Peter R. was in his mother's car in Diemen when gunmen opened fire on him with automatic weapons. He managed to drive the car into a ditch and hide there until his attackers fled. He sustained several bullet wounds in his abdomen, but survived the attack.

The suspected gunmen were arrested shortly after the attempted assassination. The police were able to trace them easily because they were already under surveillance in another investigation. 

It is unclear when F. will be extradited to the Netherlands.