Many Dutch teachers avoid sensitive topics in class


Many teachers in the Netherlands feel they have to avoid talking about sensitive topics such as sexual orientation and religion in their classrooms, according to a study by DUO. So-called Islamization and terrorist organization ISIS in particular are topics to be avoided. The teachers blame failed integration for this, ANP reports.

This is the case at one in seven (14 pct) of primary schools in the large cities and 1 in 20 (5 pct) of primary schools nationwide. At secondary schools those percentages are 13 percent in the big cities and 11 percent nation wide. The subjects to be avoided in secondary schools are the same as above, but with the political situations in countries like Turkey and Russia added in. 

The teachers blame failed integration for this. They've noticed that students from the same cultures are increasingly drawn to each other and that different nationalities don't play together as much any more, AD reports.

The study was done among a total of 2,203 people - 590 teachers and 628 principals in primary schools and 738 teachers and 247 principles in secondary schools.

State Secretary Sander Dekker of Education said that it is "not normal if a teacher does not dare to say that he is gay, or avoid certain topics out of fear of hassles in the classroom".