Air France-KLM passenger numbers on the rise

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In December Air France-KLM again transported significantly more passengers than in December 2015, an upward trend that can be seen across several months. As in previous months, the increase was visible in all parts of the airline group, AD reports. 

Air France-KLM transported a total of 7.2 million passengers in December, 7.6 percent more than the same month in 2015. Air France saw a 3 percent increase, KLM saw 8 percent more. Transavia's passengers increased by more than a third to 800 thousand.

Over the entire 2016 Air France-KLM's passengers increased by 4 percent to 93.4 million travelers. Air France transported 1 percent fewer customers than in 2015, KLM transported 6 percent more - a total of 30.4 million passengers. Air France's problems can be attributed to, among other things, strikes that saw passenger numbers drop over several months and terrorists attacks in Paris that scared tourists off from visiting France. 


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