Postcode Lottery lands on Hague apartment building; €49.9 million won

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The New Year's eve Postcode Lottery of 49.9 million euros landed on an apartment building in The Hague. That means that residents of the building with the postcode 2555VX started 2017 as millionaires, NOS reports.

The building is located on Donker Curtiusstraat in the Hague neighborhood of Loosduinen. Residents will share 24,95 million euros, half of the price money. The other half will be divided among other participants in the postcode area.

"I thought I'd play along for a good cause, but then also winning a prize is incredible", a stunned resident said to RTL Nieuws after being presented with 1.4 million euros. He doesn't know what he will do with the money. "Maybe a new car.". 

Up the hall another resident won 4.7 million euros. "Too crazy for words", he said to the broadcaster.