Ruling on ADO Den Haag dispute with Chinese investor expected 5 January

ADO Den Haag mural
ADO Den Haag mural. (Sabine1981 / Wikimedia Commons)

ADO Den Haag will have to wait until next year to find out whether the court will order the football team's Chinese owner Hui Wang to pay up over 2.3 million euros. On Wednesday the court in The Hague decided that it will make its ruling on the lawsuit ADO Den Haag filed against Wang on January 5th, reports.

The lawyers of United Vansen, Wang's company, did not show up for the hearing on Wednesday. The hearing took only 6 minutes. 

ADO filed the lawsuit against Wang to try and force him to pay the club the 2.3 million euros he promised. On Wednesday the club's lawyer, Paul van Olden, again stressed how important it is for ADO to get that money quickly in order to secure the club's continued existence. Due to that money still being outstanding, ADO could not submit a balanced budget and the KNVB relegated the club back to category 1. This means that ADO is subject to increased supervision from the KNVB. 

As United Vansen failed to attend te hearing, Van Olden expects that the court will rule in ADO Den Haag's favor. 

Earlier this month the ADO Den Haag managers and United Vansen already came face to face in the Commercial Division of the Amsterdam courthouse. The Amsterdam court suspended Wang as chairman of ADO's board of commissioners and transferred the function to Ben Knuppe for the time being. Wang is still a member of the supervisory board, but lost his right to vote.