Ruling party leader: "Zero" chance of coalition with PVV after elections


The chance that the VVD will form a ruling coalition with the PVV after the elections in March next year, is "zero" in content, VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra said in parliament on Sunday, ANP reports.

Zijlstra reiterated the VVD's position that it will consider any party in principle, but stressed that the chances of cooperation with the PVV is negligible. According to him, the VVD sees nothing in a coalition partner that wants to abolish religious freedom and freedom of expression for whole groups of people.

The VVD leader added that there are almost no similarities in the message of the VVD and Geert Wilders' and the PVV. Moreover, Zijlstra said, the PVV is socio-economically even more left-wing than the SP.