Judge reprimanded over "madness" Wilders tweet

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A judge in Overijssel was reprimanded and had her Twitter account suspended after she responded to EenVandaag naming PVV leader Geert Wilders politician of the year with the word: "Knettergek", which loosely translates to "madness" in English. 

The court in Overijssel called the tweet a "misplaced remark" and announced that the judge in question will no longer be tweeting on her own initiative. Judge Syliva Taalman was active under the Twitter account @iRechter for years, according to NOS. She used the account to show people what working as a judge is like. 

With the tweet, Taalman was referencing a tweet by Wilders himself after a court in Amsterdam found him guilty of group defamation and inciting discrimination with statements about "fewer Moroccans". Wilders said on Twitter: "Three PVV hating judges declare that Moroccans a race and convict me and half the Netherlands. Madness."