Video: Safe stuffed with cash stolen from Amsterdam's A'DAM Tower

Two men stole a safe from the A'DAM tower in Amsterdam, 11 Dec 2016
Two men stole a safe from the A'DAM tower in Amsterdam, 11 Dec 2016. (Screenshot / Facebook / Sander Groet)

The A'DAM tower in Amsterdam was robbed in broad daylight on Sunday afternoon. Two men managed to get hold of the safe containing the daily cash flow and ran off with it, despite the fact that it weighs about 50 kilograms, Het Parool reports.

Sander Groet, owner of the tower, called it a brutal robbery. "The safe stood in a room on the 16th floor where our personnel walk in and out", he said to the newspaper. "It contained particularly our cash flow and fee our large safe is embedded into a wall. They knew exactly where to be."

Groet reported the incident tot he police at once. "But the police had not time for it, I was told." He therefore decided to share camera footage of the robbery on Facebook, in the hopes that someone will recognize the two robbers. The videos were both viewed thousands of times. "It may not be the most ethical way, but at least it works", Groet said. "I already received several tips leading to the same person. Some recruiter at Schiphol."

As reward for the tip that leads to an arrest, Groet is offering a seven-course meal for four people. 

Oh en er zijn heel veel mensen die me vragen hoe ik het zo zeker weet dat dit de daders zijn? "Onder" die jas of dat kleedje zit dus onze kluis.

Geplaatst door op Dinsdag 13 december 2016

Wie oh wie kent deze schattige jongens. Die hebben zondag uit de A'DAM toren onze kluis met wisselgeld meegenomen met daarin ook de fooi van ons personeel.
Wij en vooral het personeel zullen je eeuwig dankbaar zijn en de juiste tip krijgt een 7 gangen diner aangeboden voor 4 personen in ons ronddraaiende restaurant MOON.

Geplaatst door op Dinsdag 13 december 2016