Schiphol security lapses rising with high worker turnover: Union

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Union FNV is very concerned about the large number of temporary workers at Schiphol's passenger and cargo security. The "huge carousel of temporary workers", and its accompanying high staff turnover, has consequences for the employees, but also for security at the airport, the union writes in a report published on Wednesday, the Telegraaf reports.

Last year a massive 34 thousand screenings were done on staff that work in protected areas for passengers and baggage. Most of these screenings were done on people working at Schiphol. To be able to work in secure areas at Schiphol you need a special pass. And to get such a pass intelligence service AIVD needs to screen you, to make sure you don't have a criminal record or links to terrorist organizations, for example. 

According to FNV Schiphol, the number of screenings that took place last year is exceptionally hihg. "We are very concerned about the growing risks for travelers", union director Leen van List said to the newspaper. "Temporary staff members, now two thirds of the total, are not loyal, have no experience, do not see any suspicious situations. They also more often contain rotten apples with malicious intent."

Schiphol and the Koninklijke Marechaussee - a policing force that works as a branch of the Dutch military and is responsible for border and airport security - were not available to comment on the matter, according to the newspaper.